Scott Boruff Founder & CEO

Founded HiTC in 2016. Passionate about healthcare, helping people, building teams, ambient sensing, AI and integrating healthcare in all aspects.

Ken Greenwood Chief Technology Officer

Enterprise-scale software and development. AI research and design, models generation; architecture of healthcare systems, integration and big data analytics.

Jurgen Vollrath Chief IP Counsel

Proactive, adaptive and strategic business patent design. Implementation of patent strategies to ensure freedom to operate; patent generation maximization.

Dr. Susan Reyes Chief Medical Officer

Board certified in Internal Medicine, advisor and Medical Director to several home health and hospice agencies and assisted living facilities

Charles Lobetti Chief Financial Officer

Performing tax accounting, SEC reporting and financials with 30 years of related experience.

Amy LaGrant Gerontologist

Advising our marketing with 15 years of related marketing experience focusing on boomers, seniors and caregivers.

Matt Brown Brand Strategist

Creating brand strategy using 20 years of health-centric marketing and image development.

Bradley Hodge Advisory General Counsel

30 years specializing in financing, acquisitions, and commercial transaction law.

Brad Pruitt Account Acquisitions

13 years accelerated sales campaigns and account growth with a focus on emerging markets.