About Us

About Us

Healthcare Integrated Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”), is a healthcare technology company whose primary operations are through our IndeLiving subsidiary, which we acquired in March 2018. With the acquisition of IndeLiving, our core focus changed, and our operations through our Grasshopper Staffing, Inc. (“Grasshopper Colorado”) subsidiary ceased in February 2019. We also changed our name to Healthcare Integrated Technologies, Inc., to better reflect our new operations. As a result, our operations, management and board of directors, and our business in general have undergone a substantial change and the Company has experienced a change in control since the closing of the IndeLiving acquisition.

Founded in 2016 and based in Knoxville, Tennessee, IndeLiving has developed a health monitoring system for assisted living centers and private homes. IndeLiving is a development stage company that uses proprietary technology to monitor seniors in real time by both caregivers and family without the need for the senior to wear any type of monitoring device. The monitoring system is customized to the needs of the individual senior and, if applicable, to assisted living facility requirements. It provides real-time information to monitoring stations at the assisted living facilities. It also can be set up to provide real time information via text, voice, email, and a mobile phone application to family members or other caregivers. The residential model called “Inde Companion” is a monitoring concept with custom modifications that can be applied to individual seniors in a variety of applications including seniors living independently in their own home, with family members, or in an assisted living or retirement community.

We have secured a contract with a hardware supplier, Vayyar Imaging, Ltd., to produce the monitoring devices as of August 7, 2019, which requires us to purchase $2,000,000 in product by July 31, 2020. We are currently further developing the related software for both a mobile phone application and a desktop “dashboard” to be used by assisted living facilities. We are engaged in marketing and sales of our product to assisted living facilities.

Manhattan Drug Company, Inc.

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AgroLabs, Inc.

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